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WATER - Tap water is drawn from inland cenotes. The mineral content in the water is high. It is suitable for washing dishes, utensils and persons, but is not recommended for drinking.  Purified water is provided in the kitchens and bathrooms. We also ask you not to waste water, especially in dry season (most of the year).


FRUIT & VEGETABLES – While sanitary conditions of produce have improved greatly in Mexico and many fruits and vegetables are imported from the U.S., it is still better to wash them in water to which bactericide or bleach has been added. We have provided Microdyne disinfectant to each of the apartments for guest use. We recommend that produce be submerged for ten minutes in water to which disinfectant has been added at a rate of one capful per 2 liters of water.


SEPTIC SYSTEM – Being located so close to both Yalku Lagoon and Half Moon Bay, Casa Gatos employs a complex septic system involving multiple cisterns, filters and wetlands to protect the delicate ecosystem. We therefore request that no paper be flushed into the system and provide receptacles in the bathrooms. 


ELECTRICITY- Energy is expensive in Mexico. Therefore we ask you to take care in the use of air conditioners. Twenty-two to twenty-seven degrees centigrade is the most comfortable temperature range and make sure windows and doors are closed when air conditioners are in use. Turn off air conditioners and lights when you are out. Our one exception is to light up the grounds at night.


KEYS – Please take your keys with you when you leave the property. The gate is locked and the key removed when nobody is here, especially at night.  Please leave the keys on the kitchen counter when you depart.


TRANSPORTATION: There are various means of transport from the airport to Akumal. ADO buses run from the airport to the bus terminal in Playa del Carmen and then either public vans (colectivos) or taxis can take you to Akumal.  Private transport services can be engaged in advance. We would be happy to make arrangements for you. Taxi from the airport are more expensive. If you are planning to rent a car, be sure that your quote includes the cost of insurance. Some guests have had a nasty surprise when they arrived in Cancun at the extra cost. If you have insurance coverage, make sure the company you are dealing with will accept it. Not all do, and some who do require a hefty reserve on your credit card.  You will still be required by Mexican law to take out Mexican Liability Insurance.



MONEY EXCHANGE: The best exchange rates are at the ATM machines, better than the banks or exchange booths. Avoid ATM’s on the street. The ATM’s in convenience stores may also charge high usage fees. The best rates are in machines at the banks or super markets. Super markets accept credit cards and often give good exchange rates for dollar purchases.


You should notify your bank of the dates when you will be Mexico. The banks often will block debit or credit cards for security reasons when they see transactions from foreign countries. 


The Riviera Maya is one of the the safest regions of Mexico. As is true whereever you travel, you should take common sense precautions .  Do not leave anything of value on the beach when you go swimming. Close and lock doors and windows when leaving the house. Do not leave your computers, tablets, phones or other electronic gear or cameras out where they can be seen in your car or house.  

AKUMAL has been designated a Marine Life Refuge by the Mexican Government covering an area of 988 hectares (2441acres), where no commercial fishing is permitted, and sport fishing is severely limited. If you wish to fish, trips can be arranged through the dive shops.


Sheltered gated garden

Air conditioned Fitness Center 

Fountain Court & terrace

Roof garden with gazebo

Wireless internet service

HDTV  w / ROKU or Firestick

All rooms air conditioned 

Ceiling fans in all rooms

Thatch covered balconies on upper level

Maid service six days per week

Hair dryers in each bathroom

Purified water in bathrooms and kitchens

Safes available

Iron & Ironing Board available on request

Free phone service in office to U.S. & Canada 



Beach chairs & beach towels on request

One block from Yalku Lagoon

Two blocks from beach on Half Moon Bay

One day free entry to Yalku Lagoon

Crib available 

Yoga Classes by appointment

Massage by Appointment

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